Your Systems – Gotta Love Them?

What sort of systems do people love, and just how and why do we love them?

WHILE Technology = Change, DO Grow Developer Work

How much have software tools really evolved, and what would Rip Van Winkle wake up to? For all the time that computer programming has been around, the real shocker may be how very little the tools have changed.

Nielsen Builds Ecosystem for App Developers

Application programmers: are you getting stuck looking for data in all the wrong places?

Enterprise Software Development Reshaped by Mobile

“When it comes to enterprise software, it’s clear from the data that mobile apps are the focus of the current software industry, and the trend has reshaped the old software development paradigms.”

Android Apps Faster to Develop than iOS, Windows Phone Apps

The article states that over 90 percent of the app development effort is porting the apps themselves and that over 93 percent of the app development is cross-platform, but which tools were used?

The Legend of HTML5

HTML5 is not the all-encompassing answer to the problems with Web development, but its wide adoption across platforms could signal the end of the dark age of Web development.