WHILE Technology = Change, DO Grow Developer Work

How much have software tools really evolved, and what would Rip Van Winkle wake up to? For all the time that computer programming has been around, the real shocker may be how very little the tools have changed.

Your Systems – Gotta Love Them?

What sort of systems do people love, and just how and why do we love them?

Survival of the Mobilest

Mobile/handheld computers have existed over 25 years, yet their evolution has accelerated faster in the last decade than any other class of computers in history.

The Uncertain Future of Work

What is the solution for those struggling to find employment?

Big Data: Are We Making a Big Mistake?

Why single out Big Data when cautions and potential problems apply to all technological innovations?

You May Want to Hang On to That XP System after All

Debugging when you don’t have access to the original source code in order to fix runtime library incompatibility issues on newer systems. So, think twice before getting rid of your XP system!

Crowdsourcing Can Work for You

Crowdsourcing software development effectively depends on your platforms.

Nielsen Builds Ecosystem for App Developers

Application programmers: are you getting stuck looking for data in all the wrong places?

Green Screen: The Final Curtain

GUI, Green Screen, and Insulation – will we ever break the cycle of starting all over again?

Let Marketing Metrics Be Your Guide

Poor definition of business problems by the stakeholder and lack of professional project management lead to delivering wrong features faster, and ultimately resulting in products that do not meet the stakeholder’s needs.